Harry Wright International Swimming Lessons in Hong Kong - Harry Wright International

Mission, Vision & Values


Harry Wright International is the leading provider of swimming instruction for the community. This is achieved through:
  • Providing modern and progressive curricula in a positive learning environment that ensures progression, talent identification and pathways of excellence for all swimmers.
  • Creating age and ability specific programs that cater to the needs of ALL age groups
  • Employing quality instructors and providing them with ongoing professional development and resources to ensure their instruction is up to date with modern methodology and teaching practices.

To become Asia's leading Learn to swim and competitive swim provider.


Harry Wright International instructors and coaches have a passion for the sport of swimming and a desire to pass this passion onto their swimmers and do this by placing the needs of the children and swimmers first. This is achieved through positive reinforcement, encouragement of efforts, celebration of small achievements and recognition of performance. Every activity has a purpose and all lessons should create progressive transitions to ensure continuity of instruction throughout the session.