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Private Lessons

Private and semi-private swimming lessons are the perfect learning environment both for people who are just beginning, but also those who are looking to refine their skills. At HWI we offer both at all our venues. Whilst we always encourage joining our group lessons, these lessons will give you the individual attention of the teacher or coach, to ensure that you improve the particular set of swimming skills that you need to progress.

All of our highly experienced and internationally qualified teachers and coaches are available at times throughout the day to offer both private and semi-private lessons at all levels – Parent Assisted, Learn To Swim, Swim Team Competitive, and all levels of adults.

Please click here to view our teachers and coaches available to teach private lessons.

Please note that teachers being available for private and semi-private lessons is dependant on their group lesson schedule. If your requested teacher or coach is not available we will happily suggest another suitable one.

Lessons are available in both English and Cantonese.

The prices of these lessons at our flagship venue SCAA are:

PRIVATE LESSONS* (1 swimmer + 1 coach)
$450 – 30 mins
$600 – 40 mins
$675 – 45 mins
$900 – 60 mins

SEMI-PRIVATE LESSONS* (2 swimmers + 1 coach)
$1,020 – 45 mins
$1,350 – 60 mins

* Minimum 4 sessions.

For more information, please call our HWI SCAA pool office at +852 3621 0127 or send a Whatsapp message to +852 6393 7401 or email swimming@harrywright.com.hk

Private Lesson Application Form: https://forms.gle/CYHa1GEmfaa9ePVD6

For Aberdeen Marina Club, Club Siena please refer to the club membership desk or HWI main office at +852 2575 6279 for pricing and availability of lessons.


What is the Difference Between Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons?

A private lesson means that you will have one-on-one instruction, it will be one swimmer and one coach. You will have the individual attention of the coach for the entirety of the lesson. We suggest private lessons if you have a child who has a fear of swimming or the water in general. Private lessons are also ideal for individuals with special needs.

Semi-private lessons are similar to private lessons but will include an additional swimmer, in total two swimmers and one coach. You can still establish and work towards individual goals, and will have a large amount of individual attention from the teacher, but you will be working towards those goals with another swimmer.

What are the Benefits of Private Swim Lessons?

Private swimming lessons offer benefits like being able to plan around your schedule and the option to customize each class to your needs.

Why You Should Consider Semi-Private Lessons?

For siblings or friends with a similar swimming ability, semi-private lessons for a short duration may be the preferred way to go. When children learn how to swim with another peer, they engage in social interaction. This allows for bonding between the children, making learning more fun.

Should I Choose A Group Lesson Or A Private Lesson?

Every swimmer is different and learns in a different way. The answer to this question often lies in specific circumstances of the individual swimmer. Some swimmers learn much better by watching and imitating others, some are driven by competition, and some prefer to be individually directed by a teacher. By considering your child’s goals you may be able to decide which type of lesson is best for them. An example would be a swimmer who is very fearful of the water may benefit much more from the individual trust and comfort built up by private interaction with a teacher or coach.