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About The Adult Swimming Programme
The Adult swimming programme at South China Athletics Association is structured into progressive levels, from beginners all the way up to competitive.

Adult Preparatory Course (Bi-Lingual)
There are three levels within this tier - Adult Beginner, Adult Advanced Beginner and Adult Intermediate. This tier is suitable for those adults who are very basic, and would like to learn to swim. Swimmers are taught to swim Breaststroke and Freestyle in a safe and comfortable environment.

  • Adult Beginner (aged 18 or above)
    An introduction to swimming lessons for adults who cannot swim. The lesson will focus on building confidence and introduce basic aquatic skills, according to the needs of the individual. The primary skills needed for basic freestyle, breaststroke and kicking on back, will be taught, with focus on breath control, body position, and correct technique.

  • Adult Advanced Beginner
    For adults who can swim breaststroke. Freestyle is taught at this level.

  • Adult Intermediate
    For adults who can already swim basic freestyle and breaststroke. This level focuses on refining basic stroke technique to a more advanced level, with emphasis on swimming with a relaxed and confident style. At this stage adults will be taught further specific aspects of the strokes - correct hand entry and position, strong kicking technique, and breathe control.

Adult Pre Competitive (Bi-Lingual)
For adults who have a good swimming ability. Must be able to swim Freestyle, Breaststroke, and Backstroke. During the session swimmers will learn stroke technique, and build on basic aerobic fitness.

  • Adult Pre Competitive
    This level is for adults who already have a strong basic swimming ability. Participants must be able to swim 100m continuously to join this course and should be able to swim 50 meters freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke. During these sessions adults will learn more advanced stroke techniques, and build their basic aerobic fitness through the introduction of basic competitive swimming sets. Sessions will be conducted in the 50m pool.

Adult Competitive (Bi-Lingual)
For adults who have a good swimming ability. Must be able to swim all four strokes. During the session swimmers will learn stroke technique, build aerobic base & fitness, and learn race skills. Appropriate for Masters competition and Open Water Swimmers.

  • Adult Competitive
    This course is for strong adult swimmers who are able to swim all four strokes - Butterfly can be at a more basic level. During these sessions swimmers will focus on refining stroke technique, build a strong aerobic base, and learn race skills. This level is appropriate for Masters competitors, Open Water Swimmers, and Triathletes. Must be able to swim 200m continuously.

  • Adult Fitness, Competitive & Triathlon
    This lesson is for adults who are new to competitive swimming, triathlon training or wishing to improve their general fitness. The main focus will be on freestyle training with the emphasis on improving technique, stamina and speed. This will benefit those adults who are looking to improve their cardiovascular capacity for competitive swimming, increase strength and prepare for competing in Masters or triathlon.
    To join this course applicants must be able to swim 100 meters of freestyle with good technique.

  • Masters Swimming
    Training Outcomes: Our programme is tailored for adults who wish to take part in the HK Master swimming competition, open water competition, and international Master competition. The aim is to improve technique in all strokes, develop racing strategies for sprints and endurance events, and enhance overall fitness. We offer a personalized and progressive plan for adults to refine their swimming technique.
    Competitive Outcomes: Participants have the opportunity to compete in the Hong Kong Master Swimming competition and the World Aquatics International competition. You can choose to attend the competition of your preference.
    Eligibility to join: Must be capable of swimming 100m freestyle continuously and at least 50m of breaststroke and backstroke.

Aqua Aerobics (Bi-Lingual)
Aqua Aerobics has become a popular sport worldwide. Even non-swimmers can enjoy this aquatic exercise. The course is designed to utilize water buoyancy and resistance by doing stretching movement in the water. Aqua Aerobics helps to enhance cardiopulmonary function, joint flexibility, body-limb coordination and muscle performance. The course is suitable for all, but especially helpful for those undertaking rehabilitation. The course is instructed by coaches qualified in Aqua Aerobics teaching. Conducted in warm, shallow pool.

For all enquiries regarding the Adult programme please contact swimming@harrywright.com.hk or sign up via the online enrolment tab.