Harry Wright International Swimming Lessons in Hong Kong - Harry Wright International


Division 1 (Long Course), Sunday 14.01.18 at Victoria Park Pool

Twenty-six Harry Wright Swimmers took on strong competition from other Hong Kong clubs in the first long course Division 1 meet of 2018.

Four of our charges won medals in individual events:

Sarah Chu (12 yrs.) of Junior Performance Squad stormed to a personal best time in 1:00.47 in the 100 m Freestyle – despite her googles leaking - to take home a silver medal. In addition she set two more personal best times in the 200 m backstroke as well as the 50 m breaststroke in times of 2:33.69 and 40.53 respectively. In the 200 m backstroke, Sarah placed 5th. Well done Sarah!

Summer Lam (12 yrs.) also of Junior Performance Squad finished her 400 m Freestyle in 4:45.69 to win a silver medal. Further she came 6th in the 100 m freestyle in 1:02.49, setting a personal best time by over one second. She also ranked 4th in the 50 m butterfly in a time of 30.77.

Congratulations on your medal and personal best time Summer.

Kylie Woo (16 yrs.) of Youth Performance Squad swam to a bronze medal finish in the 200 m Backstroke in 2:23.45. Nice effort Kylie!

Xiang Ma (19 yrs.) of Youth Performance Squad finished his 200 m Backstroke in 2:23.24 which earned him a silver medal. He also made it into the Top 8 in his age group with his 400 m freestyle in 4:18.83 as well as his 55.20 in the 100 m freestyle.

Our HWI boys 4 x 100 m IM Relay won a bronze medal for SCA. We had a mix of our oldest swimmers racing together with some of our youngest charges. The following swimmers featured in the 4 x 100 m IM boys relay: - Backstroke - Gordon Mason (18 yrs.)1:03.52, Breaststroke -Julian Chow (14 yrs.) 1:12.61, Butterfly - Xiang Ma (19 yrs.) 58.44, Freestyle - Aidan Gan (13 yrs.) 1:00.62

In addition to our medal winners in Individual events two of our swimmers ranked in the

“Top 8 in Age Group”:

Olivia Du (13 yrs.) of Junior Performance Squad achieved a 16 seconds personal best time in the 400 m Freestyle in a time of 4:47.51 placing 5th. Olivia also set a personal best time in the 100 m freestyle, coming home in 1:05.25.

Gordon Mason (18 yrs.) of High Performance Squad in one of his last Hong Kong starts took on a sprint event. His 100 m Freestyle of 56.05 placed him 8th in his age group. Further he strengthened the boys 4 x 100 m IM relay by agreeing to help out racing the backstroke leg and promptly won a Bronze medal.

Gordon has now moved to the US, to sunny California, to live the life of a Pro Swimmer with an American Open Water team in Santa Monica. We are looking forward to hearing of Gordon’s Open Water and long distance pool events in future.

Impressive performances with big improvements were achieved by the following athletes:

Aidan Gan (13 yrs.) of Junior Performance Squad had the most improved 200 m backstroke of all our swimmers. He sliced 28 seconds off his personal best time to finish the race in 2:40.97.

Sophia Tang (14 yrs.) of Junior Performance Squad had the most improved 400 m freestyle swim of all our boys and girls. Sophia improved by 22 seconds and touched in 4:57.15.

Eden Lim (10 yrs.) of Gold Squad showed the most improvement in the 50 m Breaststroke. Her time of 46.65 was an almost 8 second improvement.

Natalie Ho (10 yrs.) of Gold Squad stormed to the most improved 50 m Butterfly swim of all our swimmers. Her time of 38.30 was a 3 second improvement.

Jeanelle Lee (10 yrs.) of Gold Squad took the most time of her 100 m Freestyle p.b. Jeanelle finished the event in 1:13.54 which was 8 seconds faster than the last time she swam the event in a long course pool.

Well done to all Boys and Girls that were competing on that day!

We have now only 7 weeks left to the Hong Kong Short Course Age Group Championships.